Fuck Buddy

So you are looking for a fuck buddy. Or a shag buddy, or a fuck mate. Whatever you want to call it, it amounts to the same thing – finding a buddy to fuck regularly. The benefits without the relationship. The gold without the digging. You get the idea.

So I’ve put together some useful and tried and tested tips about finding and keeping a fuck buddy:

1. Look In The Right Place

If you want a fuck buddy in Cape Town, go to a casual dating site that has a surplus of South African members, who are also looking for fuck buddies . Don’t go to an international ‘normal’ dating site that only has a small amount of the type of person you are looking for. It sounds totally obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many people go to Cupid.com looking for a fuck buddy.

2. Look Fuckable On Your Profile

And I’m not being flippant. If you want a fuck buddy, make sure your profile looks hot. Compile your best pictures of your body, or even your face if so willing, crop and edit them properly, and put them in some kind of decent order. Start off from the top moving down. Most guys just put up a picture of their penis, but believe me women on this site have seen a lot of penises and it’s hard to distinguish yours (unless your paint it with body-spray or turn it into a puppet). If you have nice abs, put it up there, if you have nice legs (ask a girl if you a guy and she’ll say women like men with nice legs) put it there.

3. Sound vaguely intelligent

Most casual dating sites let you say a few words about yourself and what you are looking for. And most people say stock standard stuff that gets them nowhere. Like ‘I like to have a lot of sex’. So do we all. That doesn’t make you special. Stand out – say something original and interesting about you, and why you are sexy and shaggable. And say something useful about the kind of fuck buddy you’re looking for. If you’re specific, it’s easier to identify the kind of person you could be looking for, and easier for them to identify you.

4. Know What You Want And Be Honest

Ok this is a bit of a gray area, but in my opinion it pays to know and say what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for someone to send saucy emails, say so in your profile. If you want regular casual sex, say so. Don’t be everything to everyone (some people just list every possibility) and don’t be too vague either. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you can be more vague, but you’ll find the more specific you are, the higher the chances you’ll find someone looking for the same thing.

5. Message Intelligently

When sending a message to a potential fuck buddy, don’t just say ‘Hi – let’s meet’ or ‘When can we hook up?’. You’re dealing with real people here, and women in particular get that kind of message a lot. Rather be more intelligent in your approach. Ask something specific about their profile, or introduce yourself and state what you are looking for in a direct but not blatant way. Yes on a casual dating site you can afford to be more direct, yes there’s less need for small talk, but it helps to sound slightly more intelligent than everyone else.

6. Be Patient and Persistent

A lot of people subscribe to the an adult dating site, try it out for a few days or weeks, and then give up because they don’t find a suitable fuck mate. Half of the time they haven’t put into practice the suggestions above, the other half they simply aren’t persistent enough. Don’t expect miracles, don’t expect to get hooked up by the evening. Be patient, new members join these sites all the time, old members come back to the site, and if you are persistent you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for. And then you can find more fuck buddies to add to the list, if you so wish.

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